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Streamlight Flashlights

Streamlight has been perfecting flashlights since their conception in 1973. With over 40 years in the business, Streamlight flashlights have become very well known for their quality. The tagline they use is “Heroes Trust Streamlight”. The company has worked hard to maintain the motto, consistently checking with their customers about things that could be improved.

NameTypeLumensNumber of SettingsRatingPrice
Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HLTactical Flashlight6003$$
Streamlight 88850 PolytacTactical Flashlight2753$
Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 Rail MountedWeapon Light1352 $$
Fenix LD41Tactical Flashlight35

To further their knowledge of what customers need, they regularly participate in training courses for firefighter, hunters, etc. to find out issues you only realize in the field. Working in the field is part of the reason for the lifetime warranty offered with all of their products. We all know things happen while working, whether it be the manufacturers fault or ours, it’s nice to know they have our backs.

Streamlight carries a wide variety of products for every use. From rail-mounted lights for your pistol, tactical flashlights and even flood lights for your crime scene they have you covered. Below, we will discuss some of the most popular ones.

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL

The 88040 gives you an amazing value for a low price, it might be the best flashlight on the planet.

It has a powerful 600 lumens to its name, providing an excellent beam to light up a dark alley at night. The 88040 offers a TEN-TAP programmable switch to alternate between 3 different function options, making it a customizable flashlight that gets the job done.

The highest setting, at 600 lumens, lasts for over an hour while the low setting will last 18 hours. Using C4-LED technology, it provides a very bright beam. Between these options this flashlight will easily suit many needs. The Streamlight 88040 also offers a strobe function for emergencies.

The construction of Streamlight flashlights is impeccable. The 88040 offers an impact resistance of one metre, and a water rating of IPX-7. With this rating, the flashlight can safely survive submersion of one metre. This light is also secured with an O-ring sealed glass lens so no water should be making it inside! With an anti-roll head and small diameter, only one inch, the Streamlight 88040 is an excellent option for law enforcement or security officers.

Streamlight 88850 Polytac

Streamlight’s 88850 is a perfect option for someone needing a versatile light. This flashlight is small and durable, can easily be used with a shotgun mount or on its own.

The 88850 has lower lumens than others, but it does the job with 275 lumens in the high mode and 14 in the low mode. It has an incredible life at 65 hours on the low mode. Like the 88040, this Streamlight flashlight uses C4-LED which is three times as bright as other LEDs available. Also adding to the illumination, is the reflector around the LED which provides much more peripheral lighting.

The 88850 is operated by a tail-cap push button, making it very easy to switch between high, low and strobe as well as the TEN-TAP modes. The tail cap button is also convenient for use with a gun mount, such as the Elzetta. If using attached to a gun, the 88850 is unlikely to be submerged in water, but for other uses the ratings are important. This Streamlight is rated to IPX-7, submersion of one metre, and is resistant to impacts of one metre as well. If something does happen to your flashlight, the lifetime warranty should keep you covered.

Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 Rail Mounted

The 69110 give you great value for a weapon light, at half the cost of competitors but with no hit to quality. This light can mount directly onto to Glock or Picatinny style rails making it an obvious choice for many buyers. If your weapon doesn’t fall into the above categories, the Streamlight 69110 also includes keys for attachment to Berreta or S&W rails. This light is a bit on the hefty side, at eight ounces, but if your pistol or rifle already has a decent weight to it, the Streamlight’s weight shouldn’t bother you.

As for the light itself, it packs up to 135 lumens with a run time of 2.5 hours. Like many Streamlight model’s, the 69110 takes advantage of the C4-LED and reflectors to really pack a punch. These additions make it up three times brighter than other LEDs and add a lot of spill peripheral light. It can easily by operated by an ambidextrous switch that can be used by your trigger finger or thumb depending on positioning. There is also a lock-on option, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally flicking off your light and being stuck in a tough situation. The Streamlight 69110 is a great option for anyone from law enforcement to homeowners looking for a little extra help.

Streamlight 66318 MicroStream

One final option to consider from Streamlight is a penlight. The 66318 is an ultra-compact option offered, with a length of only 3.5 inches. This small option still has power behind it, using C4-LEDs it provides a light of 35 lumens for a run time of 2.25 hours. The Streamlight 66318 is easily operated by a push button tail switch, allowing the option of continuous or momentary power.

This flashlight, although reduced in size, does not reduce in quality. This light is protected from water to a standard of IPX-4, meaning that splash from any angle will not harm the 66318 in any way. This Streamlight is made of Type II MIL-SPEC aircraft aluminum, protecting it from any abrasive or corrosive materials. All in all, this is an excellent option to keep with you at all times, whether it be under your dash or in a pocket.


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