Schrade Tactical Pen Reviews

Schrade is a owned by Taylor Brands, a company which specializes in manufacturing high quality knives, tactical pens and military style axes. Shrade has established itself as a leader in military and tactical gear and their pens are solid and very reasonably priced.

Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen$
Schrade SCPENG Tactical Pen$

Their lineup consists of two different styles of tactical pens and each of these comes in two different models; the base model and a survival model.

Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen

The SCPENBK is their base (and most popular model). It’s made from high grade 6061 aircraft aluminum and is 5.7″ in total length. Overall, this is one of my favorite tactical pens on the market it doesn’t feature any gimmicks (like a DNA catcher) and the price point is right. For me, the main selling point on any tactical pen is it’s reliable and it’s discreet. The SCPENBK pen is certainly both of those, it’s also pretty sleek looking which is a nice bonus.

Compared against a normal pen, the first thing you’ll probably notice is this pen is noticeably heavier. This is well suited for defending yourself against an assailant.

If you’re looking to refill it, it takes standard Parker ink which can be found just about anywhere ink is sold. Whenever I buy a new tactical pen I always replace the old ink cartridge with a new one, usually the stock cartridge is junk. However, Schrades sells their pens with Parker ball point pen cartridges and they give you an extra refill!

Schrade SCPENBK Tactical Pen Survival w/ Ferro Fire Starting Rod and Whistle

The name basically says it all – the difference between this particular pen and the base model is the fire starter and the whistle. It also costs a dollar more.

The whistle works surprisingly well, it’s obviously not a high end whistle but in the event of an emergency I can see it being useful. The fire starter also works reasonably well, the rod and striker are both included. The only drawback with this pen is the number of components which thread in. Lots of folks have found these threads are prone to stripping, which obviously is less than ideal.

Schrade SCPENG Tactical Pen

Similar to the SCPENBK, the SCPENG comes in two different models the base model and the survival model. It also features a screw on/off cap and 6061 aircraft machined aluminum. The only noticeable difference between the two pens is the style and feel. Personally, I preferred the BK model which is actually the cheaper of the two styles.

In any event, both pens are solid pickups if you’re looking for a tactical pen at a reasonable price. Schrade gear in general has always lived up to my expectations and I’m excited to test out their pocket and tactical knives in the near future.

Just because I like the style a little bit better I would give the SCPENBK a 4.5/5 and I would give the SCPENG tactical pen 4/5. The survival models are OK, but I can’t really see the need for the fire starter (I carry one in my personal survival kit) or the whistle (I carry a much louder whistle in my kit)


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