Colt Tactical Pens Reviewed

Colt Tactical Gear

Colt was founded by Sam Colt, the inventor of a gun that could hold more then one bullet at a time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that their primary line of business is indeed producing firearms for military, law enforcement and other government agencies.

Colt Defender Pen$
Colt Hurricane LED Tactical Pen$
Gerber Impromptu $$

Colt’s Lineup Of Tactical Pens

Colt offers two different models of tactical pens. One is a fairly standard pen featuring a glass breaker, DNA catcher and of course it serves as a pen. The Defender, has a little bit more utility as it also incorporates a functional flashlight into one end.

Colt Tactical Pen Defender

Colt Tactical PenThe Defender is the basic tactical pen which offers the features you would expect – a pen on one end and a glass breaker/self defence mechanism on the other end. The one additional component that may be a little unexpected is the DNA catcher on the cap.

In the picture to the right, the pen tip is actually beneath the cap. Effectively, this pen offers you two striking tools. I’ve always thought that the DNA catcher was a little bit gimmicky – I would personally rather strike someone with the sharp carbide tip featured on the opposite end.

The cap snaps on and off tightly which is often a problem with some of the other cheaper tactical pens on the market. I also personally prefer snap on lids as opposed to twist lids, they always seem a little bit more accessible.

In terms of construction this guys made out of the standard aircraft aluminum. The one aspect that I did notice is it’s fairly meaty compared to say the Smith and Wesson line up of tacpens. Most tactical pens are between 1-2 ounces, the TDH105-60B is a whooping 4 ounces which is really heavy. I found this model a little bit heavy for my personal tastes when it came to writing. Overall, this is a fairly solid pen for a very reasonable price.

Colt Tactical Hurricane Pen

Hurricane Tactical PenThe Hurricane is the swiss army knife of tactical pens. It is a pen, a DNA catcher, a kubaton and a LED flashlight all rolled into one.  The Hurricane is very similar to the Defender except it doesn’t have the carbide striking tip and of course the LED flashlight is the main difference.

The LED flashlight is bright enough for detail work, but you’re not going to start a search and rescue party or go hiking with it. By detail work I mean, reading a small label in the dark or shining light on a screw so you can fix that lose handle in the dark.

The other downside of the Hurricane is it’s overall length. When you try to cram as much as they have (a led light, a stabbing device and a writing instrument) into a single device you’re probably going to struggle to keep it to a standard length. As a result their pen is about an inch longer then your average pen, something that you should consider when buying this unit. The extra 1″ makes it a little bit awkward to write with (I never really thought about this, but pens are basically all the same length!).

For a multi purpose tool the Hurricane is exceptionally affordable. That said if you’re looking for a cool pen that will primarily be used for writing this probably isn’t the correct instrument for you.


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