Best UV Tactical Flashlight

One wavelength shorter than that of visible light, a little longer than X-Rays and in the range of 10 to 400 nanometers, Ultraviolet light is the next best thing when it comes to a great flashlight.

They’ve been around since 2006, and today you’ll find that the market is flooded with Ultraviolet Flashlights. The problem is that when trying to invest in one, the choice might seem a little overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you narrow down the search with our pick of some of the best UV Flashlights on the market today.

So What Are UV Flashlights Used For?

Also known as black lights, UV flashlights have a wide variety of uses.

  • They can be used to detect fraudulent documents
  • The can be used to see watermarks
  • The can help you to read invisible ink
  • They are used by law enforcement to investigate crime scenes
  • They can be used to “fluoresce” scorpions and certain minerals
  • They can be used to charge glow-in-the-dark objects, such as fishing lures

While most other flashlights are rated using lumens or candela, UV flashlights are rated using nanometers. Generally, UV flashlights only range from 365 nm to 400 nm, due to the limitations on LED’s. Before you invest in a UV flashlight however, you need to know exactly what you’ll be using the light for, because not all materials and substances fluoresce under the same wavelength of light.

Here’s our pick of the Best UV Flashlights on the market today

UltraFire WF-501 B G60 UV LED Flashlight

Why We Love It:

  • It’s water and shock resistant with O-rings sealed on both ends
  • It has a hard anodized finish (constructed with a highly durable 6061T CNC aluminum) which makes it extremely corrosion resistant
  • We love the sleek look and the super lightweight of only 104 grams.

Is There Anything NOT To Love?

  • Some customers have, in very rare scenarios, reported that the light they ordered had not been fitted with a real UV light, so always makes sure you buy it from a reputable dealer

Should You Buy It?

Yes! If you need a small little super-powerful LED UV Flashlight, the UltraFire is a great choice that will fit just about any budget.

Esco-Lite 395 NM 51 UV LED Flashlight

Why We Love It:

  • It emits 390 to 395 nm wavelengths of light, giving you enough UV to do all you need to do with a UV flashlight
  • It has a 51 UV LED to cover large areas
  • Because if it’s illumination spec, it’s great for outdoors use, and customers especially loved how great this UV light is at fluorescing scorpions

Is There Anything NOT To Love?

  • Some customers reported that there was an issue with the face of the lens, causing issues when inserting new batteries and then turning it on again

Should You Buy It?

If you need a solid UV flashlight that has some weight to it that makes it durable and tough, then the Esco-Lite is a great option to go for.

Scorpio Premium 51 LED 395 nm UV Flashlight

Why We Love It:

  • It’s a 51 UV 395nm LED flashlight, which covers more surface are than most other UV flashlights
  • It has a water resistant design, and the body is constructed of a heavy duty aluminum
  • We really love the sheer brightness of this light, and with its included wrist strap, it’s easy to carry around with you or just hook it to your belt
  • With a 30 day money back guarantee and a full year warranty, you really do get that added piece of mind that you’re investing in a solid UV flashlight

Is There Anything NOT To Love?

  • Because it runs on 3 AA batteries, the power does wear down quite quick, the use of C sized batteries would have been much more efficient

Should You Buy It?

If you have enough spare batteries to keep the performance as high as possible, then the Scorpio Premium is probably one of the best and brightest UV lights you can invest in. We would happily recommend it.


Whether you want to use them for finding out if there are any bed bugs in the sack, go out scorpion hunting at night, see where your cats have been doing the dirty, or simply use them to charge your glow-in-the-dark objects such as fishing lures, UV lights are a great investment to make.

Always be sure that you’re purchasing your flashlight from a reputable seller and that you are in fact buying a REAL UV light and not just a pretty blue light. The market is full of great (and sadly not-so-great) UV lights and these can truly open up a whole new side of life after dark for you!

If we had to pick just one winner, it would be the Scorpio Premium. It DOES cost more than the other UV flashlights we have on this list, but we feel it just puts out that much more. It delivers a great UV light that can be used for just about any application and because it has so many LED’s, it covers a much wider surface area than the other models we mentioned.

The choice however, is still in your hands, and hopefully with the help of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when purchasing your new UV flashlight.


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